Five years after participating in Shibuya Ward’s “Shibuya Arrow Project,” KISS, TOKYO art signs were placed on eight switchboards in shibuya ward.

KISS, TOKYO has been participating since 2018 in Shibuya Arrow Project, an activity of Shibuya Ward to safely guide people, including foreigners, who have difficulty returning home in the event of a disaster.

“Shibuya Arrow Project” is an activity to make many visitors to Shibuya Ward aware, regardless of language and culture, of the location of “temporary evacuation sites” where they can safely stay until facilities are opened to receive people who have difficulty returning home in the event of a disaster.
Artistically designed signs that indicate the direction of “temporary evacuation sites” were created by an artist and installed in necessary locations in the ward, in the belief that such signs are effective in making people aware of the location.

KISS, TOKYO’s “arrow signs” are installed at eight locations in the Jinnan area of Shibuya Ward.
We hope that they will be used as public art in everyday life, and in case of emergency, they will be useful in activities to protect people’s safety.

It is featured on the “Shibuya Arrow Project” website, which was renewed last year, on the page introducing artworks and artists.
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Once again, make sure you are prepared for earthquakes and disasters and know your evacuation routes.
When you go to Shibuya, try to find the KISS, TOKYO sign.