We created this logo by coming up with “I♥NY" inspiration. By replacing “LOVE” with “♥”, identity of LOVE was transformed to the mark itself and nowadays “I♥NY” became one fashion icon and the mark is used in lots of items such as T-shirts. We set a kiss mark as an identity of our logo and it forms new fashion. Among the people in the world, Japanese people are not good at kissing when greeting. However this reticence is one of Japanese identity and by wearing KISS,TOKYO! T-shirt, We could show our love for people and Tokyo. And always have feelings that we are proud of it. It is a wish with this logo mark.

Make KISS,TOKYO! a Japanese culture.
KISS,TOKYO! logo mark contains the meaning of "I love Tokyo”.
To spread its identity, We will create T-shirts, mugs, tote bags and so on,
and also collaborate with fashion brands and companies.
By having pop-up shops such as souvenir corners of airports and stations,
department stores, fashion buildings, We aim to let people know about KISS,Tokyo!
by "Tokyo Olympic Games 2020".
Let's create the symbol of Tokyo.
We aim to create new movement like an art installation
by making people watch Tokyo Olympic Games with KISS,TOKYO! logo mark.
And also by creating products with logo mark, or used in any kinds of media,
We believe that we could make our own Tokyo Olympic Games logo together.


Founders of KISS,TOKYO

Tetsuya Chihara

Creative Director/CEO of LEMONLIFE Inc.
Born in Kyoto Japan in 1975. His passion for design began imitating the title logo of the movie, Back to the Future as a kid. Although it was uncommon in Japan, he went into the design world without having art education from college. After working at a design company in Osaka for 6 years, he moved to Tokyo at age 29 to do advertisement design. After working at advertising agency in Tokyo, Tetsuya founded LEMONLIFE Inc., a design studio in 2011. He works on wide range of genre, such as advertising, fashion branding, CD jacket, magazine editorial, WEB, video, etc. He did art direction for CD jackets like “Keisuke Kuwata - Garakuta” and “Kanjani ∞ - JAM”, and “Koizumi Kyoko's 35th anniversary”, branding for “Une Nana Cool”, logo design for TV show “NHK Gatten!”, and direction for adidas Originals’ store. Recent years, he has done collaboration work with french high jewelry brand CHAUMET. He also has been expanding his work to outside of the graphic design, such as hosting the LEMONLIFE Design School, Music Festival “Katteni Sazan DAY”, and being the advisor for L-Management. His next dream is to direct a movie.

Shinya James Akiyama

From Fukuoka Japan. He founded ACE MERCHANDISE with the vision to create more opportunities for woman to shine. The vision was created based on his experience of being raised by his single mother, and meeting a nurse who helped him recover when he was very ill in his 30’s. With this vision, he turned a coin merchandise company which he inherited from his father in law into ACE MERCHANDISE, the entertainment product company. He helps design and produce more than 1000 products per year, including products for largest entertainment company in the U.S., and for Japanese show business organization. His pet name “James Akiyama” was inspired by how James Bond is always been supported by beautiful women in his favorite movie 007. He produced the brand Felicia! which has a store at the famous Red Brick Warehouse in Yokohama, official store and products for Japanese famous comedian Robert Akiyama’s “Creator’s File”. ACE MERCHANDISE owns patent and trademark for the Robert Akiyama’s official T-shirt “BOTY”.