Examples of collaboration,
and about the license
Usage of logo
Sales at Tokyo station and airport popup shops.
Various ways of using our logo.
Examples of
Product development aimimg to create typical Tokyo souvenirs.
We will sell it not only in Tokyo,
but also for customers in Japan and overseas.
KISS T-Shirt
Typical Tokyo souvenirs.
In a variety of colors.
Daily use Mugs
Not only for souvenirs.
Sports brand, underwear brand, coffee brand etc.
Collaboration with various brands is also possible.
Furthermore, KISS,TOKYO! can be a sponsor of magazine or any media.
We could also introduce about Tokyo with various creators.
About the license

1. Marks and logos can be used according to the characteristics of brands and products.

2. It can also be commercialized with a double name.

3. It is also possible to ask us for designing.
(Design fee will be charged.)

4. You can introduce and sell your licensed products at our popup shops,EC sites, events etc.