AQUA SPARKLE, a carbonated water, is now available from Volcano Corporation, the maker of KISS, TOKYO WATER Silica 72 Water!

Volcano Corporation, which manufactures and sells KISSTOKYO Silica 72 Water, has launched a new KISS, TOKYO-designed product called AQUA SPARKLE.
The new line is a strongly carbonated water made with natural water from Kyushu, and features a black version of KISS, TOKYO logo on the label. It is available at Don Quijoteas well as through Volcano’s direct sales website. We hope you will patronize it along with Silica 72 Water with the red logo.

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KISS TOKYO Silica 72 water (シリカ水) 525ml×24本
KISS TOKYO AQUA SPARKLE 炭酸水 500ml 24本入 強炭酸水