11/10-12 “KISS, TOKYO PARK in KITAYA PARK 〜 Let’s talk with your close ones in the park while watching a movie〜”!

This event was held at KITAYA PARK (Shibuya Ward’s Chatan Park) for three days from 11/10 (Fri.) to 12 (Sun.).
In addition to KISS, TOKYO products, Shibunama (craft beer) and coneri Shibuya (pie specialty store), KAJIRU (granola made from upcycled malt lees) made its first appearance.

On the 10th and 11th, Tetsuya Chihara’s first film “Ice Cream Fever” was screened and talked about. Despite cold rain on the first day and chilly weather on both days, the screening venue was filled with visitors who came to enjoy the outdoor screening of “Ice Cream Fever”. The making-of featurette was shown for the first time while the audience listened to director Chihara’s behind-the-scenes stories about the filming and the future of the film.
The silkscreen printing workshop by Smile Present Co., with whom we have worked together before at KISS, TOKYO events, was enjoyed by first-timers and children alike.

The new collaborations of KISS, TOKYO sold “KISS, TOKYO Picnic Rug” and the first collaboration with “Ouitote KOBE”, a tote bag brand from Kobe.

This event could not have been held without the involvement of many people, including the customers who came to “KISS, TOKYO PARK in KIATAYA PARK,” the vendors, and all those who cooperated with us. Thank you very much!