We opened a booth at “Ao no dokutsu Xmas market” on Dec. 14 (Thu).

“Ao no dokutsu Xmas market” is held from 12/1 to 12/25 from Shibuya Koen Dori (in front of Seibu Department Store A) to Yoyogi Park Namiki Dori. We borrowed the space of co-working salon SLOTH (@slothjinnan) and opened a booth on 12/14 (Thu.).

We held a printing workshop [KISS, TOKYO PRINTING DAY] with Smile Present Co. (@smile_present_co) and sold KISS, TOKYO goods.
The weather was fine and many people came to enjoy the illumination at the Christmas market. There were also many visitors from overseas.

KISS, TOKYO was only open for one day, but we recommend SLOTH’s booth, which we borrowed from them, for its continued creative content. The booth is located right behind the words “Ao no dokutsu” and in front of the Christmas Market.
It is a gorgeous illuminated market and will be open until the 25th. Please come and visit.

【Ao no dokutsu SHIBUYA~Xmas market~】12/1〜25