From Isetan Shinjuku store, instagramLIVE with MEGUMI (9/1), Terry Ito (9/5), and Akimoto Kozue (9/12) will be distributed for three nights. On September 5th and 12th, demonstration sales of printing and embroidery will be held at the store!

A pop-up store “TOKYO DESIGN MEETING” will be held at Isetan Shinjuku from September 1 (Wed.), inviting guests who have a connection with KISS, TOKYO who participated in “KISS, TOKYO PAPER” published by KISS, TOKYO. We will be bringing you an Instagram live with Tetsuya Chihara, the founder of KISS, TOKYO, from Isetan Shinjuku store in three separate nights.

On the first day of the pop-up store [ September 1st (Wednesday) 17:00], we will invite actress MEGUMI, who also appeared in the drama series “The Day Tokyo Design is Born” directed by Tetsuya Chihara.

The guest for the second session [September 5th (Sunday) 20:30] is director Terry Ito. The limited edition T-shirts and sweatshirts with Kume Seni Kogyo, which are the focus of this pop-up store, have Terry Ito’s unique message printed on them.

The guest for the third session [September 12th (Sunday) 20:30] will be Kozue Akimoto, who was on the cover of the memorable first issue of “KISS, TOKYO PAPER”. You can also enjoy a live talk between Ms. Akimoto and Chihara that cannot be seen in the magazine.

This time, we will introduce the pop-up store “TOKYO DESIGN MEETING” and talk about  “How can we make Tokyo more interesting in the future?”Please tune in to this special talk, which you can only hear here!

Insta live by KISS, TOKYO founder Tetsuya Chihara and special guests

instaLIVE will be held from Isetan Shinjuku!

9/1 (Wednesday) 17:00 Guest: MEGUMI

9/5 (Sunday) 20:30 Guest: Mr. Terry Ito

9/12 (Sun) 20:30 Guest: Kozue Akimoto

▼Distributed from the following 2 accounts▼

・ISETAN Seed/Leaf instagram account

@isetanseed_isetanleaf_shinjuku (

・KISS, TOKYO Instagram account

@kiss__tokyo (

Also, on September 5th (Sun) and September 12th (Sun), we will hold a <DISMACENT> workshop by the one and only vintage store “THE CHARLIE TOKYO” curated this time. At the store, we will apply original silk screen printing and embroidery to the purchased product. 

This is a project where you will get a special product with your own custom.


Venue: Isetan Shinjuku Store Main store 1F Isetan Leaf Store

9/5 (Sun.) Print workshop 10:00-19:00 final reception

Demonstration and order of silk screen printing on products (1 place: 500 yen / 2 places: 1,000 yen) 1 color only

9/12 (Sun) Embroidery workshop 10:00-19:00 last entry

Demonstration and order of embroidery on products (embroidery small: 500 yen / embroidery large: 1,000 yen)

* Due to popular demand, a print workshop will also be held at the same time.

*The event may change suddenly depending on the store situation.

Please see this release for details on this matter.

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