KISS, TOKYO new product Coneri stick pie with Kiss, Tokyo logo released on October 1st! Special assort with Shibunama-Beer, “CHEERS SET (Shibuya De Kan-pie Set)” is also available!

【Coneri Shibuya】
1F ecute edition SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE SQUARE 2-24-12 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo (Direct access from and right above Shibuya Station) tel:81-3-3498-2345
6-20-10 MIYASHITA PARK South 2F 6-20-10 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo tel:81-3-6450-6322

A new product with the KISS, TOKYO logo, a stick pie (756 yen including tax for a pack of 10pcs.) from the pie specialty store “Coneri Shibuya” operated by Shunkado Group, which is famous for “UNAGI PIE“. October 1st along with “CHEERS SET (Shibuya De Kan-pie Set)”(2,216 yen including tax) assorted with “ShibuNama-Beer”, a craft beer limited to Shibuya Ward with the <KISS, TOKYO logo> on the label design. It will be released at Coneri Shibuya (Shibuya Scramble Square 1F).

This package design, like the bottle label for Shibunama-Beer, was designed by art director Tetsuya Chihara, who is also the founder of KISS, TOKYO. The pie package is decorated with the <KISS, TOKYO logo>. The package features the characters for “渋(shibu)” and the “scramble crossing,” which is a symbol of Shibuya. We share the desire to make Tokyo and Shibuya more exciting by having people feel closer to us.

The original package “CHEERS SET (Shibuya De Kan-pie Set)”, which includes “Coneri” stick pie, which is also an official product of Shibuya Tourism Association, and “Shibunama-Beer” and dip sauce, is a variety of gifts and homes as Shibuya souvenirs and Tokyo souvenirs. Please come visit Coneri at Shibuya Scramble Square.

“Coneri chobi” stick pie (756 yen including tax for a pack of 10pcs.) Shibuya original package

Coneri online shop “Coneri chobi” stick pie (756 yen including tax for a pack of 10pcs.)Shibuya original package

“Shibunama-Beer” 333ml (429 yen including tax)

“CHEERS SET (Shibuya De Kan-pie Set)”(2,216 yen including tax)

<Coneri Shibuya>
Based on the craftsmanship and experience cultivated over many years by “UNAGI PIE”, “Coneri original flour” is a unique blend of carefully selected flours made from domestic wheat flour and soybeans. It is a stick pie with a crispy texture that has been folded and baked. Shibuya style is to eat a pie with about 1,000 layers and dip it in various dipping sauces according to your mood and purpose. Shibuya is a place where diverse personalities and people come and go, showing different faces every day. Coneri Shibuya is like Shibuya, where you can customize it to your liking. “Coneri Shibuya” is an official product of the Shibuya Tourism Association.

“Shibunama-Beer” is a beer limited to Shibuya area that expresses Shibuya’s unique diversity. Because it is a city where people from all over the world, we want you to enjoy the unique flavor of Shibuya. With that in mind, we have created a rich and deep aroma and taste that has never existed before by combining brewer’s yeast, wine yeast, and sake yeast under the concept of “Diversity & Inclusion.” “Shibunama-Beer” is beer officially recognized by the Shibuya Tourism Association.

Tetsuya Chihara Art Director/Representative of Lemonlife. Born in Kyoto in 1975. There are various genres of design such as advertisement, branding, CD jacket, binding, drama production, CM production. Advertisements for underwear brand Une-nana-Cool, Lypo-C, H&M, Onitsuka Tiger, planning and design for Nissin Cup Noodle × Laforet Harajuku, store branding for adidas Originals, Keisuke Kuwata “Garakuta”, KANJANI∞ album “Jam”, Kayoko Yoshizawa MV and jacket design. TV Tokyo Suidora-25 “Tokyo design ga umareru hi” Director, “Katte ni Southern DAY” planner, Tokyo support logo “KISS, TOKYO” founder, Fujiyoshida City × Lemonlife community “KissaLemon” management, etc. wide-ranging. In 2022, Lemonlife is proceeding with movie production as a new development.

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