Ginza Loft Pop-up “Fashion and Tokyo…” now opening until March 31st. Thank you for coming to our weekend talk event and workshop.

KISS, TOKYO Pop-up “Fashion and Tokyo… at Ginza Loft” is now opening at Ginza Loft until March 31st.

On the 26th and 27th during the event, we held a customized workshop by THE CHARLIE TOKYO x KISS, TOKYO and a talk event with Chiharu Muto, the producer of BLIXZY and Tetsuya Chihara, the founder of KISS, TOKYO! THE CHARLIE TOKYO’s workshop booth was set up inside the pop-up store on the 3rd floor for two days on the weekend. Customers enjoyed their own customization such as screen printing and embroidery.

The talk event with Chiharu Muto and Tetsuya Chihara on the 27th was held in a friendly mood as they talked about the secret story  behind the birth of the collaboration products, their lives in Tokyo and two bases, and their recent activities.Thank you very much for coming.

Ginza Loft Pop-up “Fashion and Tokyo…” is being held until Thursday, March 31st. Please come and visit us!

The collaboration items “BLIXZY x KISS, TOKYO” with Chiharu Muto’s brand “BLIXZY” is on sale at the Ginza Loft store until the 31st and at Loft Net Store (online store).

The collaboration items “BLIXZY x KISS, TOKYO”

BLIXZY online store【】*BLIXZY online storeis now selling BLIXZY special order “White”.

Ginza Loft Pop-up “Fashion and Tokyo…”
◇Friday, March 18, 2022 – Thursday, March 31, 2022
◇GinzaLOFT 1F/3F

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【2022/3/17】銀座ロフトにて「KISS,TOKYO ファッションと東京と。」を3/18より開催
【2020/10/18】10/18からロフト銀座でポップアップストア開催【DON’T STOP TOKYO NOW】