DON’T STOP TOKYO NOW #Kokoro wa Tomenai (#Don’t stop our hearts) Local version design was provided to a charity T-shirt project in Okinawa and Naha. On Sale from November 26th!

The slogan “DON’T STOP TOKYO NOW #Kokoro wa Tomenai (#Don’t stop our hearts)” has been expressed by KISS, TOKYO since March 2020. This is a project from Tokyo with the hope that people in Tokyo will at least #not stop their hearts, even under the circumstances where various things have been stopped due to the coronavirus pandemic.

So far, we have collaborated with club JOULE (Osaka) crowdfunding “DON’T STOP JOULE NOW” and YOU MAKE SHIBUYA crowdfunding (organized by the executive committee consisting of Shibuya Ward, Shibuya Ward Shopping Association, Shibuya Ward Tourism Association, and Shibuya Mirai Design). The “DON’T STOP SHIBUYA NOW” design was provided for the return T-shirts for supporters in collaboration with YOU MAKE SHIBUYA crowdfunding. We also provided the “DON’T STOP KANAYAMA/NAGOYA/AICHI NOW” design for a project to support the Kanayama, Nagoya and Aichi areas.

This time, we have received a relationship from the social enterprise ONI CHANCE (located in Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture), and we will support the Okinawa Naha area “DON’T STOP OKINAWA NOW” and “DON’T STOP NAHA NOW”. We provided the slogan and design gratuitously.

In the future, if there is a company that we can support by providing designs for each region’s local version of “DON’T STOP ●●● NOW”, we intend to cooperate regardless of the area or the scale of the project.

*KISS,TOKYO®︎ and DON’T STOP TOKYO NOW®︎ are registered trademarks of KISS TOKYO Co., Ltd.

“DON’T STOP OKINAWA NOW” and “DON’T STOP NAHA NOW” designs will be available online as charity T-shirts from November 26, 2021. The NAHA version has a logo mark for the 100th anniversary of Naha City (*Limited time: Until March 31, 2022). Proceeds from sales will be used by the administration office of “DON’T STOP NAHA & OKINAWA NOW” to support the promotion of child poverty alleviation in Naha City and Okinawa Prefecture.

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“DON’T STOP NAHA & OKINAWA NOW” project crowdfunding (crowdfunding ends December 31, 2021)
“DON’T STOP NAHA & OKINAWA NOW” T-shirt online sale

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