We created this logo by coming up with “I♥NY" inspiration. By replacing “LOVE” with “♥”, identity of LOVE was transformed to the mark itself and nowadays “I♥NY” became one fashion icon and the mark is used in lots of items such as T-shirts. We set a kiss mark as an identity of our logo and it forms new fashion. Among the people in the world, Japanese people are not good at kissing when greeting. However this reticence is one of Japanese identity and by wearing KISS,TOKYO! T-shirt, We could show our love for people and Tokyo. And always have feelings that we are proud of it. It is a wish with this logo mark.

Make KISS,TOKYO! a Japanese culture.
KISS,TOKYO! logo mark contains the meaning of "I love Tokyo”.
To spread its identity, We will create T-shirts, mugs, tote bags and so on,
and also collaborate with fashion brands and companies.
By having pop-up shops such as souvenir corners of airports and stations,
department stores, fashion buildings, We aim to let people know about KISS,Tokyo!
by "Tokyo Olympic Games 2020".
Let's creat the symbol of Tokyo.
We aim to create new movement like an art installation
by making people watch Tokyo Olympic Games with KISS,TOKYO! logo mark.
And also by creating products with logo mark, or used in any kinds of media,
We believe that we could make our own Tokyo Olympic Games logo together.



Tetsuya Chihara

Creative Director/
Born in Kyoto Prefecture in 1975. CEO of LEMONLIFE, design studio based in Tokyo. Lots of design works such as Advertising, fashion branding, CD jacket, binding, magazine editorial, WEB, video, etc. In his recent work, “Ununa Cool” Branding, “adidas Orignals” store branding, “Keisuke Kuwata - Garakuta” cd jacket design, "Kanjani ∞ - JAM" artwork, "Koizumi Kyoko's 35th anniversary" artwork, Zoff's advertisement, NHK Gatten! Logo, etc. Furthermore he also works as an artist. Drawing on a canvas using a felt-tip pen, radio distribution at iTunes, holding Kyoto “LEMONLIFE Design School", “LEMONLIFE Shop”, “LEMONLIFE Fest", an online community website “LOEMONLIFE HOUSE”.He works not only the world of graphics but also expanding the range of activities. https://lemonlife.jp/